Impact that Transformed Lives

Apart from Rakesh’s clients benefitting from his advice, many pro bono cases show Rakesh’s passion for his work and his desire to help people lead a financially sound life.

Saving a Sinking Ship

Rakesh has the knack of turning a business around from loss-making to profitable. In the early 2000s, Rakesh along with his brother-in-law, Sanjeev Thakkar, took over an oil trading company that was incurring losses. Rakesh identified it was a good business model and could grow if the operations and fund management were channelized.

His foresight enabled him to see future success and he commited five years to this project. Rakesh strategized and advised on the financial aspects of the business while his brother-in-law took care of the operations, sales, and marketing. Today, this company does an annual turnover of more than INR 15 Cr.

This story is proof of his strong insight into the essential traits of a successful business model. It highlighted his knowledge of the best financial techniques and the capability to apply them in the right manner and time.

A reliable man, Rakesh has the wisdom and insight to convert losses into profits. He has hugely impacted my life with his wise decisions and guidance.

-Sanjeev Thakkar

Making Rags to Riches Happen

A shopkeeper’s son Rajesh Chaudhari used to come to Rakesh since the age of 18, for guidance on matters related to education, finance, and his career. In 2001, Rajesh approached his mentor with a business model and to seek his advice on the business viability.

With Rakesh’s guidance on business strategy and investment, he has been able to create an empire of INR 10 Cr. Today Rajesh Chaudhari has three properties in a posh locality of Mumbai and has a successful hardware business of dealing in imports.

It was Rakesh’s visionary approach, his timely and sincere advice, and an urge to help others grow that changed the future of a young man.

He is my guiding light, the person who helped me become who I am today. He is the one who showed me the right path at every point in my life.

-Rajesh Chaudhari

Boosting One’s Confidence

In 2005, Rajesh Monani was working at Mandvi Co-operative Bank as the officer-in-charge. However, he was planning to quit his job and start his own business but was not able to take any concrete decision. He approached Rakesh to seek his advice and guidance. As Rakesh knew Rajesh since a few years, he understood his strengths and weakness and infused self-belief and determination in him. Tapping Rajesh’s strong customer service skills, Rakesh suggested him to start an insurance business.

Rajesh was reluctant as he lacked confidence. But Rakesh motivated him and assured complete support.

Rakesh’s guidance and motivation boosted his confidence. Rajesh started his business with a new-found courage and zeal without any support from Rakesh.

Today, Rajesh earns more than INR 20 lakhs per year, which he could never have dreamt to earn had he been working in a bank.

Rakesh’s foresight and the right motivation led a man into a direction he could have never thought of. It helped Rajesh to build a secured future and become a guiding light for others.

CA Rakesh Doshi gave me the right career advice at a time I was almost lost as to what I should do. His support and inspiration gave me the courage and confidence to bounce back in life.

-Rajesh Monani

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