Milestones after Milestones

Rakesh has carved his path with his unwavering focus in life and has proved how the right mix of passion, knowledge, and diligent work can lead to a life of success.

Wise Investment Strategies

Rakesh’s sense of judgment, ability to read between numbers, his sharp logical analysis, and his foresight sets him far ahead of his competitors.

In the initial days of his career he could foresee growth in equities and understand the power of compounding. The base of his personal financial growth has been his wise investment strategies.

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From 2000 to 2007, Rakesh mainly invested in the primary market and exited his position as the stocks got listed on the same day. Living in a joint family, Rakesh could make multiple applications on behalf of all his family members to purchase a number of different IPO’s. He invested in several IPOs like those of HCL Tech (his first formal investment), TV 18, Tech Mahindra, Sun TV, Deep Industries, Sobha Developers, Power Grid, etc. and in each case, multiplied his wealth by manifolds.

The Impact of Diversifying

After a string of successful investments and earning a good return from the primary market, Rakesh started value-investing and parked his money for longer durations. His first buy was that of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. wherein he purchased 3,000 shares for INR 10 lakh, which became worth INR 2.25 crores within a span of 3 to 4 years. However, Rakesh’s foresight helped him figure out that it was an ideal time to exit his position before the stock would start tanking. He used the proceedings to diversify and invest in real estate and other stocks as well. He purchased land in Karjat and Dombivali and in 2019, an esteemed real estate developer has valued the Karjat project to be approximately 20 times the buying price, as of today.

Creating a Legacy and a Lifestyle

Rakesh has been able to augment his net worth and at the same time, spend quality time with his family and also pursue his leisure activities. This includes his trips to various countries across the five continents.

The net worth he has built is sufficient for the family’s coming generation to be secured. His children have also learned from him that if they want to lead a luxurious life then they have to inculcate the habit of saving and reap the benefits of the power of compounding.

Knowledge – the Greatest Asset

Rakesh’s constant study of financial matters is at the crux of his success. He is always aware of the current demands of the economy and understands which business models will survive the competition. He knows when, where, and how much to invest. He can spot the timing when to liquidate and has a strong ability to identify the market trends.

Thirst for Knowledge & Certifications

Along with his ever demanding professional career, Rakesh regularly visits the Flame University and his favorite book corner ‘The Library of Mistakes’ – the books from which he devours.

Rakesh’s love for learning led him to take up various certification courses like:

Behavioural Finance & Value Investing with Sanjay Bakshi (2017)
Value Investing Blueprint with Vishal Khandelwal (2017)
The Art of Investing with Neeraj Marathe, Flame University (2018)
Certificate Course on Wealth Management and Financial Planning – ICAI (2019)
Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Course – Pursuing currently

Recognition & Awards

Invited to his own school as a chief guest for the golden jubilee celebrations in 2014 and recognized for bringing laurels to the school with his success in life.
Felicitated for his contribution and sponsorship in cricket organized by the Jain Youth Foundation, Mulund.
Elected to be a core committee member of Shree Goghari Visha Shrimali Jain Community, Mumbai region.

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