Rakesh has built and nourished KRIIS with dedication, passion, and an innate desire to create value for everyone he comes across.

Personalized Attention

At any given point in time, Rakesh follows a number of companies that he feels would be ideal for his clientele and would create and augment wealth for them. He keeps a tab on the growth of all the portfolios managed by KRIIS. Every day he gets updates on the fund reports and statements of each client. Personalized attention is given to every client so that instant steps can be taken if any course correction is needed.

Good Will for Team Members

At work, Rakesh creates an approachable environment and keeps an open-door policy. The new generation is a source of ideas for him when it comes to trends in the finance industry for they are always updated with new concepts. So Rakesh’s mantra is blending the rich expertise of the experienced with the energy and ideas of the new.

Focus on Compounding

Rakesh believes and focuses on the fundamentally sound principle of ‘Time Value of Money’. He says, “Money should never remain idle. From your earnings set aside the amount you require for 3 to 6 months while investing the rest because in a few years that money starts compounding and will accumulate wealth for you. This money will then become your main source of income during your golden years”.

The Empathetic Leader

Rakesh believes in inculcating self-discipline rather than imposed discipline among his employees. He supports them in times of need and advises them on how to invest depending on their capabilities. Most of his employees have worked for 2 decades and we at KRIIS are proud of his almost-zero attrition record. Even the interns who graduated to work with other companies now are still connected to him and seek his advice from time to time.

Passion for His Work

The intention to give back to society is at the root of Rakesh’s work today. He has achieved much in life but he has an innate desire to give back in the form of financial advice, awareness, or even financial support. His deepest desire is to spread financial literacy in every home across the country.

Rakesh’s Belief

Rakesh feels individual financial growth leads to the growth of the entire economy of a country. When all are economically sound the country’s economy automatically flourishes. When people cultivate the habit of saving and investing in the right manner, companies get funded, businesses grow, and employment opportunities are created. Also, the spending power of people increases and the savings further rise with increased income, which in turn gets reinvested back in equities or stocks. It’s a highly stimulating cycle.

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