360° Financial Planning

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Anything is possible if you manage money in the right way. Our mission with this 360° financial planning is to simply guide you in all avenues of financial planning for a brighter future.

Scope of 360° Financial Planning at KRIIS to make you financially confident.

Corporate & Tax Advisory

Corporate & Tax Advisory

  • Our professionals with their wide ranging experience and in depth knowledge will assist in:
    • Filing corporate tax returns
    • Preparation and filing submissions and representation before revenue authorities on matters including assessment/reassessment proceedings, penalty proceedings and stay of demand.
  • Carry out diagnostic health check analysis from a tax perspective.
  • Assistance in representation for pending tax refunds & follows up with revenue authorities.

Debt reduction Advisory

  • Every one of us uses different types of Debt (Home loan, Personal loan, Credit card, overdrafts, vehicle loan, and Business loan, Mortgages etc) to fund our short & long term goals. We offer solutions to synchronize repayments and solutions to manage the quantum of debt. 

Advisory on Tax litigations

  • Given the legal intricacy that taxpayers often face, a judicious cost-benefit analysis is imperative in deciding which issues are worthwhile to litigate and which issues are more viable to concede key services offered by us:
    • Assistance in strategizing tax litigation
    • Assistance in representations before (IT CA), Dispute Resolution Panel (DRP) and Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT).
    • Assisting counsels in preparing /representing appeals/petitions before High courts and Supreme Court.
    • Assistance in Transfer pricing controversies and dispute resolution management.

Philanthropic Planning

  • We are dedicated to find innovative ways to tackle some of our most pressing social, economic, religious & environmental problems of our nation.
  • For effective philanthropy we can assist you with a defining vision to use & strategise your donations to maximize your impact & satisfaction.

Do you have a strategy
to manage your finances?

Let us advance you with an approach which is carefully conceived to equip you with a comprehensive financial management program. With our 360° financial planning, we endeavor to offer our clients detailed and unabridged financial control.

360° Planning For 365 Days.