Mr. Manish K Shah

Managing Director
Manba Finance Ltd.

Organized and Unflappable

His personal financial growth itself speaks volumes about what change he can bring in someone’s financial health.

I have been enjoying my personal and professional relationship with Rakesh for the past 20 years. His understanding and implementation of the time value of money is truly excellent and is something that sets him apart from others.

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I have built a fantastic business relationship with him over the years. I highly recommend him for investment advisory related matters.

Dr. Hasmukh Ravat

Cardiac Specialist
Fortis Hospital

A Highly Professional and Friendly Person

CA Rakesh Doshi is a highly professional as well as a friendly person who gives personalized tax investment advice.

Connecting with him has made a value addition to my financial awareness. I am more aware of how to optimize and invest my funds efficiently and profitably. His investment ideation procedures are very unique and the synergy he creates between several financial aspects is noteworthy.

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As a Good Investment Advisor, Rakesh and the KRIIS team has tremendous potential to be a contributor to our economy.

I feel privileged to have got the opportunity to be connected to such a knowledgeable person like Rakesh.

Mr. Paras Savla

Chairman & Managing Director
Deep Industries Ltd.

A Passionate and Enthusiastic Professional

Rakesh is always enthusiastic to take up work and is extremely passionate about it, irrespective of its magnitude. His passion for his work is at the crux of his precision and the high-quality work he delivers for each client.

He assisted me in financial aspects, channelizing my focus on building strategy, and accelerating our company’s growth. I also understood how these aspects are interlinked.

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Rakesh assisted us with corporate restructuring and initial public offer of shares. Besides, he also aided us with meeting several SEBI compliances. He developed several strategies with respect to the skillful placement of investing. I have full knowledge where my funds are being parked and because of the high level of transparency and information shared, I feel at total ease.

Detailed and task-oriented, Rakesh makes every interaction with him productive and enriching.

CA Dharmendra Solanki

Dharmendra & Khajanchi

A Good Philosopher, Friend, and Guide

CA Rakesh Doshi is a very approachable person in spite of having immense knowledge in his field of equity investments and wealth management.

To me, he is a good philosopher, friend, and guide. He makes me feel as though we both are students, learning from each other and enriching our knowledge base.

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Having worked with him for years, I have realized that he is an invaluable addition to our CA fraternity. He has made me understand the importance of investing, how to invest, when to invest, and where to invest. He has great potential to shape the financial wizards for our country in the future.

From a personal point of view, I greatly appreciate his understanding personality and his ability to find a way out in any critical situation.

Ms. Divya Poojary

Accounts Head at KRIIS
Ex Accounts Head at CA Rakesh Doshi & Associates

Encourages an Open-Door Policy

I am working with CA Rakesh Doshi for over 15 years, and the ongoing journey with him is an absolute pleasure. His personality is that of a complete gentleman and exudes astute professionalism. He is a person without any ego, and his helpful nature in every situation makes him one in a million people to find.

Our office environment is very friendly, and all the employees have been encouraged to follow an open-door policy with him. He treats all his employees like family members, and his knowledge, dedication, commitment, and never give up attitude has been a tremendous inspiration for me. These are the reasons that I have never thought of switching my job.

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I have learnt management skills and invaluable lessons from him. His motivating words have positively impacted me in many ways. He has made me inculcate the habit of saving and investing the proceeds from my salary in such a manner that will help me sustainably augment wealth.

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