Our Journey

As mathematicians of investing and legacy creators, we passionately focus on compounding your investments to help you achieve financial freedom.

Launch of KRIIS

KRIIS Portfolio Pvt. Ltd. is a SEBI registered (SEBI # INP000006545) Portfolio Management Company. KRIIS was launched to start discretionary/non-discretionary portfolio management services and consultancy services with Edelweiss as the appointed custodian. Along with an experienced professional team, KRIIS is on a mission to create wealth for its investors with transparency and integrity.

Our Focus

With a clear focus on identifying tomorrow’s wealth creators, we have consciously channeled all our efforts on listed equities, based on our combined expert team experience of over 100 years. We believe in curating a reasonably concentrated portfolio of ‘high conviction’ stocks in large-cap, mid-cap, and small companies and nurturing the investment over 3 to 5 years.

The Inception

Over the last 20 years, with a focus on Indian Capital Markets, our founder CA Rakesh Doshi has mastered investment management and wealth creation. He has also been counseling friends and extended family members on the right investing methods and channelizing their funds through a diversified balanced portfolio that has created high returns and financial security for them.

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On the personal front, CA Rakesh’s wise investment decisions and foresight helped him to start with a personal seed capital of INR 4 lakhs and build an empire. Despite the volatile market conditions, his investments have yielded exponential results with sufficient liquidity at all times.

Being a Legacy Creator

Having understood the pulse of the equity market to the core, Rakesh wanted others to benefit from his expertise. It was a step towards helping people enjoy the benefits of investment that they themselves had reaped. That was the beginning of KRIIS–‘Knowledge of Rakesh’s Innovative Investment Strategies’, with a clear aim of being ‘Your Holistic Wealth Creator’.

Rakesh Doshi

CA Rakesh feels, “No knowledge is worth it if it is kept to oneself. Only if you share it, does it proliferate and make a difference to this world. KRIIS is the channel through which we are giving back to society in the form of knowledge and expertise. We want to show the right investment strategies that will help others gain financial security and create legacies”.

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