Our Model Portfolio- KRIIS Multicap Advantage

At Kriis, our core strategy is to identify companies in less than 30,000 crore market, who though small but have strong tailwinds to grow and generate wealth for our investors. 

Picking companies in less than 30,000 crores requires us to dig deep to cherry-pick the companies with sound capital allocation track record, clean accounts, and robust fundamentals. 

We then combine those gems with a few large caps for portfolio stability. Although the identified companies are in itself less volatile than the benchmark index, the flavor of large-cap even reduces the volatility without meddling with the alpha generation.

PMS Research Framework

Corporate Governance

Checks around Clean accounting, Board Composition, Transparency.

Score in the Past

Historical financial analysis, Capital allocation decision.

Promoter/Management Score

Is promoter a technocrat.Checks around his family background, successor, political links, his activities beyond work. We prefer family run businesses run professionally.

Quality of Business

Company’s competitive position in the industry, its Moat, the barriers to entry in the business. These are analysed through SWOT analysis and Porter’s five forces model.


We prefer growth at reasonable valuation and are strong proponents of Free cash flow valuation model.

Successful future belongs to those who believe in the Power of Value-Investing