Investment Philosophy

The four investment principles have been intrinsic to our company since our inception and are embedded in the KRIIS culture. They represent both our past and future – an enduring philosophy that guides us to make the right investment decisions for our clients.


Simple businesses with sustainable long-term growth potential are the ones that create wealth. Our role at KRIIS is to look out for and identify businesses that generate positive free cash flows and provide ample growth opportunities in the future.


We constantly look out for companies that are gradually widening their midst and the foundation of the business has the ability to sustain technological disruptions. These moats can be in the form of strong brands, distribution networks, economies of scale, inherent cost advantages, or intellectual property rights.


We follow a principle of margin safety, factoring in growth and quality. In periods of extreme euphoria, we may stay in cash and invest in periods of extreme distress. We steadfastly follow the principle of “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”.


We invest in businesses with strong ethics and values. Moreover, we identify managements that are technologically competent and in their approach. In the long term, we believe stable returns are generated by managements that demonstrate high integrity and passion.

At KRIIS, we house a strong research team with a diversified rich experience. We blend disciplined approach with a set of strong values to identify quality companies based on our detailed preliminary research. We aim to create & preserve your wealth while building you an everlasting legacy.

Without right philosophy,execution is aimless.