Investment Philosophy and strategy

The Metaverse Portfolio will be guided by two primary investing principles – maximizing returns while commensurately minimizing the risk.

We have arrived at the following tenets that would help us in implementing our investment philosophy & strategy

We will bet on promoter groups where we see the capability and execution skills to build the business to the next level on a sustainable basis.

The business will have a competitive moat within a growth market with expandable adjacencies. The competitive moats can include all or some product patent/innovation, brand strength, size and scale of operation, distribution & strategic business partnerships.

The fund will avoid investments in companies with deteriorating balance sheets/ return ratios and operating cash flows which will be based on our internal forecasts and assumptions.

We follow a principle of margin safety, factoring in growth and quality. In periods of extreme euphoria, we may stay in cash and invest in periods of extreme distress. We steadfastly follow the principle of “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”.

We invest in businesses with strong ethics and values. Moreover, we identify managements that are technologically competent in their approach. In the long term, we believe stable returns are generated by management that demonstrates high integrity and passion.

We will not chase momentum and entry valuation with significant upside potential will be our primary driver. A favorable risk-reward ratio will be kept in mind while considering the entry valuation.

Investment Strategy