Real Estate Investment

“Buy Land, they’re not making it anymore”

– Mark Twain

Real Estate Investment was always a favored investment option in India and now as the real easter sector is flourishing, investment opportunities in it are just great.

Real estate investment can be one of the smartest ways to make your money work for you. When you invest in property, rental units, homes you’re establishing a passive income source and diversifying your financial portfolio to ensure long financial gains.

At KRIIS, We combine a fundamental value-oriented investment approach with independent research and insight declined from our years of experience to identify high-quality, well-located properties with sustainable income and potential long-term capital appreciation.

Our Philosophy

Value Investing

With our flagship in Portfolio Management Service, our emphasis is on inducing value investing in every investment opportunity with minimal risk; this makes us prudent in presenting the right property solution to the clients.

Research & Risk Evaluation

Research & Risk evaluation is the backbone of our real estate investments. We invest in projects keeping a long term goal focusing on absolute returns.


Adding real estate investment to your portfolio with other asset mix can lower the volatility of your portfolio investment and generate high returns as per unit of risk is concerned with an edge to compounding wealth.

Long term Vision

Investing with a mindset to run a marathon rather than a short sprint.

Buying Strategy

Investing for growth at reasonable prices at key locations with a focus on compounding opportunities.

Evaluating Exit Options

Proper evaluation of alternate exit options before investing.

Our Strength


Hailing from the family of real estate development, principal officer & fund manager at KRIIS has decades of rich experience in real estate and financing sector.

Strong Connection

By virtue of our proficiency in the real estate market, we have been able to build powerful relationships with an exorbitant cadre of professionals in the domain of real estate.

Industry Expertise

Through collective erudition in development and dealing of real estate, our specialist team represents a perfect blend of technical knowledge and market expertise which will cater to the purpose of our clients.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of efficient fund management (personal as well as investors) in the real estate sector.

Would you like to add value to your
portfolio through Real Estate?

At KRIIS we help you take control of your real estate investments through integrated knowledge & collective expertise by specialists in the real estate world, we ensure prime recommendations for our clients including the legal proceedings; performance analysis; and fund administration on investment.

Find out how you can prepare for the road ahead.