The festival of Diwali is upon us and with it comes a great deal of joy, history and hope. It teaches us about the virtues of patience, courage and eventual victory of good over evil. But as we look further, I’m sure we can bring in some of those learnings into our investment decisions:

– Patience of a lifetime: It took Lord Rama 14 years in exile before he eventually returned to Ayodhya. Similarly, it takes a great deal of patience to reap the rewards of your consistent investment in the stock market

– Never cross your Lakshman Rekha: Identify the sectors / industries which fall in your circle of competence and stick to those. Getting into instruments (E.g F&O, cryptocurrencies, swaps, day trading, etc) which fall outside your comfort zone should be avoided, as they are never good for you in the long term

– Ensuring cleanliness: None of us are very happy about cleaning our houses before Diwali, but all of us secretly know that it has to be done. Similarly, every now and then, your portfolio needs a clean-up too, to ensure the non-performing stocks end up in the same place as those old clothes – tossed out

– Have trusted allies: Even the mighty Lord Ram needed Hanuman and his “Vanar Sena” in the battle of Ramayana to eventually win against Ravana. Hence, having a team like us at KRIIS PMS on your side, will help you win the war against inflation by generating consistent alpha against the benchmark indices

From all of us here at KRIIS PMS, wish you a prosperous and safe Diwali. Just like the rockets being lit, may your portfolio too hit the moon in the coming year!

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